1. ” you  h a v e  me”

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  2. ” you  h a v e  me”

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  3. 250 postów

    250 postów

  4. mllebollywood:


    Leela + Costume Porn

    Don’t even tell me that this movie didn’t make you want to wear lehengas ALL DAY ERYDAY

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  5. kamliheer:

    Nagada Sang Dhol + Cinematography

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    The beautiful Madhuri Dixit in Sangeet .
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  8. tell him i’ve come home.

    the chains with which he bound me are broken, and i’ve returned to live the life i never had - whatever that may turn out to be. 

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  9. My dearest one, my darling dear
    Your mighty words astound me
    But I’ve no need of mighty deeds
    When I feel your arms around me

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  10. Best couple » Sehzade Selim and Nurbanu Sultan.

    "You will be the next Sultan, Selim!"

    "My greatest gift, is you!"

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Piękno to wielkie bogactwo dla duszy ..

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